CCLC Youth (Ignite)

Mission Statement

To enable your youth to recognize who God is, embrace His love for them, and understand how to live for Him alone.

Purpose Statement

To provide an environment where your youth can develop a lasting relationship with God by engaging in activities geared to develop them into young adults who can be true to who God created them to be…disciples loving and introducing others to Jesus.

Youth Activities

Ignite – Our Wednesday evening activity where we play exciting games like Pool Noodle Hockey, Water Balloon Volleyball, Killball, Pizza Maker Tag & many other games, enjoy a warm meal, worship God in song, and hear our youth leader or a special guest share a message from the Bible.

Service activities such as day long mission trips, community clean up, and other opportunities around the community help teach the youth how to serve.

Inspirational trips to CIY, Hidden Haven, Ozark Christian College’s events such as The Event, The Living Christmas Tree, GetAway & much more help the youth dig deeper into God’s word.


Ignite meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30. Supper is provided!