What my kids have taught me about God

Several unexpected things happened last week. The Spirit of God was, and is, certainly on the move in Labette County, Ks. Last week, though, Christ’s Church of Labette Co. was privileged to witness 5 more baptisms (that’s 26 rebirths since launch not even a year ago)!

We had one baptism on Tuesday in a pond outside of town and her daughter in the baptismal (stock tank) at church on Sunday. As people were leaving church that day, another young boy that I’ve been speaking with about baptism approached me and said “Hey, I don’t want to wait any longer… Let’s do this now.” I love the eagerness!

After Sunday services, I was in the midst of wrapping up some homework for my online classes at Ozark Christian College when more folks called me up. I knew that we would have at least 2 baptisms that week, which turned into 3 after the young boy was baptized.  But the other 2 came somewhat at a surprise. I had spoken with these folks a few times about baptism but after witnessing the other baptisms it spurred these folks on. They did not want to wait any longer and finally surrendered to the lordship of Christ and were baptized in Idle Hour Lake just south of Altamont. Hallelujah for our new brothers and sisters in Christ! Several more are to come!

I was on a spiritual high! Still am, in fact. But, the festivities did not end there.

My wife calmly let me know over the phone that Sunday afternoon that we may also have our baby that day but I didn’t need to rush home right that minute because she wasn’t sure. I was in shock. Our due date was not for another 3 weeks. So, I continued to work on wrapping up my homework for the day knowing full-well that I may need to walk away at any minute.

God gave Caitlin and I our second child, Lawton Todd Dilldine, just a few days later on Tuesday! Lawton came into the world weighing 8lbs & 2oz and 19″ long.

Over the last 8 months or so, our daughter, Afton (2), has been going to the doctor’s appointments with my wife to listen to the baby’s heart as well as all the other stuff they do at those appointments. Caitlin and I didn’t want to know the gender of the baby this time around either so we always told Afton that she was either going to have a brother or a sister. So, after Lawton was born and we 4 had our bonding time in that hospital room it was time to let the family, who were all waiting in the waiting room, know what the gender of the baby was. We wanted Afton to tell them. So, she ran out and told everyone that she has a sister. Wait… Lawton is a boy.

So, I asked Afton in front of the family “are you sure you have a sister?”

“Yea, daddy! Baby sister.”

Needless to say, I think she was hoping for a sister. She has now committed to simply say that she has a brother-sister. Uh oh. This poor boy has a lot to look forward to.

Next, Afton got to hold her new baby brother. Not even five seconds into her holding her baby brother for the very first time, he blew up his diaper. She eagerly pushed him off of her lap and has declined to hold him since. I guess that’s what brothers are for, after all. Way to go, bub.

Since Lawton has born six days ago, Afton has surely been feeling the pressure of a new baby in the house (which we just bought a month ago… the house, not the baby… we didn’t buy the baby. lots of new things). Both of the kids have been demanding attention… Afton more so than usual. We’ve been playing with Afton the same as we always do but now she wants and demands extra attention. This is common. I can generally get her to calm down by letting her tag alongside me while checking “her” cattle and “her” pastures. Haha.

I never thought that I could love another child the same that I love my first. I WAS WRONG. When I look into the depths of their eyes, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God. I gaze in curiosity of who they will become. I pray that above all things they will follow the Lord Jesus Christ with their lives. I am more convinced now than ever that God truly loves everyone equally.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned over the last week.

1. Births and Rebirths are both a marvelous thing to witness. One is an entrance into the world… The other is the entrance into the Kingdom.

2. When the Spirit moves, we must respond. I could have easily told those folks that wanted to get baptized later that day to wait till the next day or the next week because I was overwhelmed with homework. Guess what, my homework got done. Baptisms are way more important than homework anyway. What’s getting in your way of allowing the Spirit to do something with you and through you?

3. God loves us all equally. Even in the midst of our shortcomings and all our little quirks, God loves every. single. one. of us. He desires us to come to Him. He doesn’t look at our neighbors or kinfolk and say that He loves them more. He loves you for you. However, that doesn’t mean that He wants us to stay where we are. Just like Lawton can’t stay a one-week old forever… We must grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. He has a fuller, more abundant life waiting for us if we’ll just take the next step. What’s your next step?

4. God will give you attention if you seek it. 

5. He’s a good, good Father. 


Love ya, guys.

  • – Pastor Blade

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