I remember the day that the Lord convicted my wife and I that we were supposed to go into the ministry, it seems like yesterday. We prayed diligently to make sure it was the Will of God and not our own will. Soon, we felt convinced it was the Lord’s Will. We sold everything we had in order to move to Joplin, Mo. so that I could go to Ozark Christian College. We began the transition. It wasn’t easy by any means but we didn’t expect it to be. We found ourselves in a new place, a new home, a new beginning. We were scared. We were excited. We may have even been confused. But, it was the Lord’s Will.

Fast-forward several years… It was this time two years ago that we were fixing to enter into the soft-launch phase of planting Christ’s Church of Labette Co. We didn’t know what things would look like. We didn’t know for sure if anyone would even show up to church whenever we finally said the doors were open. Sure, we had met countless people and had great enthusiasm for a new church starting up… yet, we were still unsure. The Lord blessed it! We began a new transition. We entered into soft-launch working towards the Grand Opening several months later. We were seeing baptisms, reconciled relationships, fruit.

I’m reminded of Saul on the road to Damascus. After experiencing the risen Lord, he was eternally changed. He began a transition from one way of life to another. From one way of thinking to another. He was confused. He was astonished. He was obedient.

Transitions that are the Lord’s Will are never bad. After all, if the Lord says “move” we move. But, sometimes they can be painful. We were never called to a life of comfort but a life that mirrors the crucified redeemed changed life.

Today, we announced a transition that is taking place at Christ’s Church. For the last 16 months, Aaron Payne has led us in worship. He has done a great job. He was the right man for the job and came at the time that we needed him the most. We want to honor and celebrate him for the work that he has done at Christ’s Church. We wouldn’t be where we are today as a church without the hard work that he has put in. THANK YOU, AARON! Today we honored Aaron during both services with a beautiful picture that said “Sing to the Lord, all the earth”. Next Sunday, February 19, 2017, we will be honoring Aaron and his wife Joanna with a potluck lunch after the second service!

Transitions can be difficult. We believe that God is the One orchestrating this for His good and has a great plan for CCLC’s future and for Aaron’s future. We want to honor God with the mission that He has given us in Labette County and beyond. We will be obedient.

Please pray for this transition… that the Lord blesses Aaron and his family, that the Lord blesses this church and that God will be glorified.

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